Thursday, July 8, 2010

Three Peas in Pod Shower Cake

Testimonial from client:

“When my friend found out she was having triplets, the idea of “3 Peas in a Pod” quickly became the theme. I contacted Linda, and explained to her my idea…she ran with it, using her many talents and creativity. I later found out she was making 3 cakes in one day…she never once complained or told me should couldn’t handle another cake order! On shower day, the cake was boxed and very easy to transport! The cake was the focal point to the shower! When the guest of honor arrived, she loved the cake! Many of the shower attendees commented on how adorable the cake was! Thank you Linda for making a beautiful cake that Jennifer loved!When the shower was over my friend gently wrapped the cake topper in tissue paper, so that she could take it home with her! You should have seen the security officers face when she explained she was carrying the item on her lap, for her flight home to Ohio! Needless to say the handmade cake topper is now in the nursery in Ohio! Linda was amazing to work with, and will be the first call I make for any future cake needs! Thank you Linda for everything!”

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